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Who are we and what service do we provide?

We are one of Australia's leading Immigration Consultancies providing a superior level of professional service and success to individual and corporate clients, worldwide.

The business was established in 1990. The Managing Director has almost 15 years experience within the Department of Immigration both from management and case decision making perspectives. All consultants are full-time migration agents.

We deal with all immigration (visa) matters for clients wishing to travel to and remain permanently or temporarily in Australia. These visas can enable the client to establish a business or invest in Australia, take up a position with an employer or apply independently as a skilled worker, or join family members in Australia. We also prepare occupational assessments to lodge with the various occupational assessing bodies, and review submissions for lodging with MRT, RRT & AAT should you have previously lodged an unsuccessful application; and citizenship, sponsorship, assurance of support, bridging visas, etc... We also follow-up on difficult and problematical cases, where there are realistic prospects for success.

Try us out - for a small fee - either for a return detailed e-mail assessment or for a consultation to discuss your situation - call our office during business hours, on +61 2 8875 7739 with MasterCard/Visa Card at hand. You will know precisely what your options are. If you then become a client your assessment fee or consultation fee will be fully credited towards our fees for preparation of the application.

Why you should do business with us

The most important reason is that we will give you an honest appraisal. If you are eligible we will confirm that we can prepare an application submission for you, and we will support you in that endeavor from the point of your becoming a client up to visa issue. We will not suggest you lodge an application in a visa category in which you have very little to no chance of success, just to make you a client.

We prepare the application & supporting submission for you the right way the first time. If there are any unforeseen or later developing problems of any kind we have the ability & the experience to legally & appropriately support & argue your case for you. The service is not just filling out application forms & then leaving you to your own devices; we are always available to assist you & to continue assisting you. The entire process is facilitated for you from beginning to end. This, we believe, is what the service should be all about.

Fees are fixed before you commit yourself; they are fair and reasonable, and very competitive within the market.
We are one of a few full-time, immigration consultancies in Australia. We do not claim to be experts in other fields - if you also need advice in another professional area we can refer you to an expert in that field.

All consultants are members of Migration Institute of Australia.
We have the necessary insurance which is a protection for all clients as well as for us.

Applying for migration, permanent or temporary residence?

Setting up a business in Australia?

Transferring managerial, specialist or technical personnel to Australia?

This can cause immigration problems but not if you seek professional advice.

Australian Immigration is currently administered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship under Federal Government Legislation.

Many of the acts, regulations, policies and procedures involved are complex.

For this reason, if you choose to deal directly with the Department you should know exactly what is required.

If you are uncertain on any matter you should seek professional advice and assistance. This will help you to determine your rights, your eligibility to lodge an application, (& what type), to accurately interpret and complete relevant forms, and identify and provide essential and desirable documentation.

A professional Registered Migration Agent can provide you with consulting services that will save you money, time and effort by giving you the right advice the first time. If you are eligible, the Agent can prepare a submission to the Department to accurately reflect the situation, confirm your eligibility and obtain the approval you require.

The following guidelines will help you to identify where the right advice and assistance can be obtained.

The Business

You need to ask yourself:

Is it well established? Check how long it has been operating and for a Certificate of Incorporation if it is a company. Does it provide a complete service in all immigration matters? If the premises look temporary or a complete service (including all visas) is not provided seek an alternative business.

Is the business listed in the phone book, usually the Yellow Pages?

Does the business have the minimum essential reference material - Migration Act and regulations, and Departmental procedures manual? If not, seek alternative advice.

Are immigration matters the main specialisation of the business? If not, you may be well advised to seek alternative advice, as "immigration" in Australia is a full-time business for successful agents.

Check how much the professional fees are and what services are offered in return. Note that you will be required to pay Departmental fees whether you use an Agent or not.

The Agent

You need to ask yourself:

Are they currently registered? Check with OMARA (The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority).

Is the Agent handling your case qualified and experienced in immigration matters or is he just associated indirectly or involved on a part-time basis? Ask about their background. Do they belong to any professional organisations?

If fees are well above average be warned that eligibility cannot be bought with money. As well, you may be found guilty of an offence yourself and lose both the money you have paid and any status you have gained as a result.

If fees are very low, you are probably receiving little, if anything, for your money. You could be wasting any real opportunity you have of applying and obtaining approval.

If you are offered a refund in case your submission to the Department is rejected, be very wary. This could indicate that you are ineligible to apply or that your chances are very slim and that when rejected you will have problems locating the Agent to obtain the refund, or you will receive a 50% refund of a grossly overstated fee.

No reputable Agent will take on a case that has little or no chance of success, nor offer refunds. Reputable agents assess cases properly in the first place and gain visas for their clients - they do not need to offer or make refunds.

If the Agent claims to have influence over or a contact in the Department, or can have your case dealt with faster than anyone else, or offers a 100% guarantee of success, he may be guilty of an offence by law - seek alternative advice and assistance.

The Agent is not the decision maker and cannot give guarantees, although they can advise you of the likelihood of success and what options are available (if any).


A reputable Agent will provide you with a good service for fees that are fair and reasonable.

Make sure you provide all relevant information and documentation to assist the Agent in making the right decisions and obtaining the results/approval you require.

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Mr. Warwick Trantum
Managing Director AW Immigration Consultants Pty Ltd

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